Unbroken A Story Of Redemption And Forgiveness By Laura Hillenbrand

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Considered as one of the best-selling novels, Unbroken A Story of Redemption and Forgiveness by Laura Hillenbrand is a perfect entry on its own. As reviewers and audience get transfixed towards the completely engaging and almost unbelievable story line of the novel, the true story is more than just any war story and survival. Rather, it is of pain, suffering, hatred, forgiveness and love. Promising in its literary content and its overall reading experience, the novel is considered as one of the best literary publications of 2014. More than just a story of redemption and war, pain and suffering, hatred and vengeance, is a story of humility and forgiveness. It is a perfect life-changing story readers will be able to feel and reach out. "There is no limit to pain, the indignities and the humiliation a man can take and not only endure but prevail" (Pruden 1). These words fit perfectly to the character of Louis Zamperini and his story of survival in World War II. Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand was an extraordinary story of redemption, forgiveness, beauty of character amidst the pain of losing, battle of endurance and struggle for survival. The novel by Laura Hillenbrand, Unbroken, is an extraordinary story of compassion, forgiveness and redemption coming from the lonely and horrible ordeal of pain, decomposition and torture which symbolizes miracle masterpiece of human experience to remember life as beautiful and highly inspirational. Louis Zamperini, the main character of the

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