Unbroken Dialectical Journals Essay

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Meghan Anderson AP English 11 Unbroken Dialectical journals Mrs. Vance Quote Pg 12- “In the back bedroom he could hear trains passing. Lying beside him sleeping brother, he’d listen to the broad, low sound: faint, then rising, faint again, then high, beckoning whistles, then gone. The sound of it brought goose bumps. Lost in longing, Louie imagined himself on a train, rolling into country he couldn’t see, growing smaller and more distant until he disappeared.” Pg 25- “For several strides he hesitated. Then he saw the last curve ahead, and the sight slapped him awake. He opened up as fast as he could go.” Pg 46- “At Hickam Field, soldiers were washing a car. On hula lane, a family was dressing for mass. At the…show more content…
It was more than three miles tall. Below is, Hiroshima was boiling.” Pg 366 “The paradox of vengefulness is that it makes men dependent upon those who have harmed them, believing that their release from pain will come when they make their tormenters suffer. In seeking the Birds death to free him, Louie had chained himself once again, to his tyrant.” Pg 379- “In Sugamo prison, as he was told of Wantanbe’s fate, all Louie saw was a lost person, a life now beyond redemption. HE felt something that he had never felt for his captor before. With a shiver of amazement, he realized that it was compassion.” Explanation A lot of imagery to describe the sound Louie heard as the trained passed. The train could also be a symbolic of hope. Louie felt trapped, but the image he saw in his mind was the way out. He wished to be taken away from the struggles of his childhood and a train represented that escape to him. The author is personifying the sight of the last curve. In the race Louie intimidated by the other runners. Suddenly he was slapped in the face by the realization that the race was almost over and he was not winning. This shows Louie’s competitiveness and perseverance. Repetition in this paragraph created a suspense feeling for the reader. By using the same sentence structure talking about very different people and random

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