Unca Chapter 1 Summary

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The events that lead up to the death of Uncas, Magua, and Cora are instrumental in the climax of the chapter. The events include the battle from the path leading into the village against Hawkeye’s men and Magua’s men. As Hawkeye’s men begin to pursue the Hurons, Magua grabs Cora. This is the main event that leads to the tragic deaths. The foot race between Magua and Unca adds to the intensity throughout the chapter. The next dramatic event is when Unca catches up with magua and his captive, Cora. Unca jumps on Magua; a metaphor of him leaping to the truth of his love for Cora. It is unfortunate when one of Magua’s henchmen stabs Cora, this scene causes Uncas to stab the man that is holding him against his will. Magua then viciously stabs Uncas.
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