Unchangeable Change: The Embodiment of Nature and Human Nature

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THEME; Unchangeable Change.

The development of my theme, unchangeable change, through embodiment of nature and human nature.

Change defines everything that we know or understand about our world. Change is an inevitable aspect of our lives that remains unchangeable. Physical natures, human natures and instincts are all embodied within us. Our nature drives us to change, to try change things that can neither be persuaded nor be changed. All of us can personalize change in our lives, we can all attach a memory or relate to constant change. I have taken a person relation to change that inspires me and that is why I have chosen this theme. Art is something that many people use as medium to filter their intentions and thoughts. People use art to express themselves, to carry across important messages and in this case, with my artwork and drawing, I have used art to express and unfold my theme to other viewers.

How biological nature and processes is embodied in my art work.

I see nature as a living art form that no one can change. This concept is what drew me to create my chosen theme. As explained above, people use art to express themselves. I used art to express how nature has inspired me, how my own nature drives me.

My Artwork, lost sleeping emotions (figure 1), is inspired by how nature is gracefully, constantly, silently changing around us. I was drawn to trees from the very beginning. Trees never stop changing,. The more I explored them the more I became fascinated

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