Uncle Bob

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Uncle Bob Case Scenario
CJ216-05 Computers, Technology, and CJ Info Systems 1101A March 2011 term, Tues 9pm-10pm

Looking at the situation at hand it’s was easy to that my Uncle Bob was in a sticky situation. Though he was caught for speeding it came to a surprise that he was placed in back of the squad car. But then I realized that obliviously the charges that my uncle was facing in California were obviously federal charges. For example, transporting minors cross state lines or transporting narcotics across state lines. When dealing with federal charges they follow you know matter where you go. So when they pulled up the informatio from my uncle driver’s license on the computer everything came up along with his charges. And if
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In the textbook it mention the mobile wireless fingerprint capture devices which can be used in the field during the traffic stops or at the crime scene to determine in a matter of minutes whether or not an individual is wanted or if the individual has outstanding warrants. Now with Uncle Bob situation they could’ve used this to determine if he was wanted or had warrants. The officers can use the cross match technology which is known by MV-5 mobile wireless capture device. The police agencies would use digital scanning device to verify suspect’s identities. This digital scanning device will improved the quality of information input into the system, which made the process quicker and safer for the officer and proved a safer environment for the officers on duty. Uncle Bob could have federal warrants which can be outstanding. If he had committed or have been identified with an offense it could be classified as a felony or a serious misdemeanor.

Overall, Uncle Bob could be a lesson to many people with felonies. When you cross state line doesn’t mean you are free from charges. With the computer systems and technologies that are available to authorities there really no way to hide from you crimes. Police have the authority to detain you if you are fleeing charges and or have warrants in different states. The technology has become so advance these days it’s hard
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