Uncle Montague's Tales Of Terror Essay

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Uncle Montague’s Tales of terror
Good Morning ladies and gentlemen, I, Priyank Chotalia, am very glad that you considered to listen to my reflection on the novel Uncle Montague’s Tales of Terror.

The novel was written by Chris Priestley and originally published in 2007. The novel reveals the series of events that disclose with Edgar who once visits his Uncle Montague who lives beyond the woods, his uncle enthrals him with a chilling set of tales and shows him the objects from the tales but Edgar is still not convinced that those terrifying events were real, the only question that carry out in his mind were …
“How did his uncle come by such a grim collections of cursed objects?”
But he has no time for answers, he thirsts to make it back through the woods before dark, or are the answers OUT THERE?
The novels constantly grips onto suspenseful and mind melting paths and plots that can carry anyone to
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Uncle Montague’s Tales of terror is, from my opinion, suited for most beginning from 11 years old. This largely includes people who are a big fan of the gothic genre or the horror genre. The reason for that is because of its plot and the language, the plot of the book includes the gothic atmosphere that could pretty much influence anybody who is a fan of gothic genre or likes to read suspenseful books and its language is ‘BAD WORD PROOF’ and is easy to understand for multiple ages beginning from 11 years.
The theme and the message that is hidden in the story is quite unique compared to other novels that would rather prefer using emotive language and aspects that would bring out a deep message of the story. This story presents message such as ‘children should not go out in forest alone’. The novel uses things like descriptive language and the atmospheric settings to describe the message which is quite unique in a way if you compare this particular novel with any other novel. This can particularly be known at the start of the
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