Uncle Sam, A Nickname Gave By The U.s. Government

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Uncle Sam, a nickname gave by the U.S. government. Many people say this was first used during the war of 1812. Samuel Wilson or many people may so “Uncle Sam”, was the man behind this name that many American people look up to. This name was a name of brave, hardworking and courage. Samuel Wilson was born September 13, 1766 in Menotomy Massachusetts. Wilson was the seventh of thirteen kids. Wilson grows up on a farm close to Mason New Hampshire, also the place he moved when he was about fourteen years of age. When Wilson was about twenty-two years old he and his older brother Ebenezer Wilson moved away from home to seek their dreams in Troy, New York, about seven miles north of Albany. In about a year or so the two…show more content…
This helped the industry swell to include other things, like sloops, transport down the Hudson River, and docks. The industry also had a farm to slaughter animals that was waiting to be pastured. Wilson also had a side job for a while. Wilson and his mate Betsey were convoluted in a distilling business, and also ran a grocery and dry goods store that was named “Wilson and Mann”. Wilson wife Betsey died in 1863. “Burial: Oakwood Cemetery Troy
Rensselaer County New York, USA” (Hoosier Medic)
Wilson was called Uncle Sam by his several nephews and nieces, this led to the whole town calling him Uncle Sam, and even his employee’s called his this soon to be famous name. The War of 1812. This is Wilson or as you may know his as “Uncle Sam” big break. Man of the name Elbert Anderson Jr. from New York City. He was constricted with the Secretary of war. His job was to supply distributions for troops in New York and New Jersey. Anderson turned to Wilson to help supply beef. Just as a reminder Wilson and his brother have popular meatpacking commerce. Anderson requested resources of about five thousand tubs of beef and pork to propel for the first four months of 1813. Which the name of Wilson company name is E. and S. Wilson. Wilson they becomes subcontractors. The company stamped “E.A.—U.S.” this was short for Elbert Anderson and the United States. Many people didn’t really understand why.
When a workman of Wilson ask what the initials on the barrels stand for. Many people
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