Uncle Sams Thanksgiving Dinner Analysis

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In “Uncle Sam’s Thanksgiving Dinner” and “America The Land of Opportunity”, both cartoons show different aspects of immigration. America was founded by immigrants. Our brave and heroic founding fathers set out to create a new nation. The founding fathers wanted to get away from the burdens in England and establish a new colony unlike any around. This nation would be free of unjust rule and any tyranny. They wanted citizens of the country to have rights that would never be taken away. We all came from Immigrants at some point in time. People left where they lived due to hardships and wanted best for their families. If Immigration didn't exist, America wouldn't exist. The first cartoon is titled, “Uncle Sam’s Thanksgiving Dinner”. This…show more content…
This cartoon paved the way towards a greater tomorrow. In the second cartoon, it shows two immigrants paused in front of a huge wall. This cartoon is more serious. A sign above them reads “America, the land of opportunity, prosperity, freedom”. The top of the wall is lined with razor-sharp barbed wire. The immigrants are immediately greeted by a voice behind a reinforced door. The guard peering through says, “Sorry...we’ve filled our immigrant quota. Try next year”. Instead of welcoming immigrants, we’re turning them away. On the other side of the wall, an American Flag can be seen. The American Flag is a symbol of peace and opportunity, yet we’re not extending that to many immigrants. The United States has changed its ways drastically from when it was founded. It takes too long to become an American citizen, five years should be brought down significantly. Immigrants make up the United States, they work hard to earn a living each day. Just like the sign, America is known as the land of opportunity. The wall shown in this cartoon shows just one of the many blockades America has. The immigrant quota isn't giving immigrants many opportunities. We discriminate against those who are here for a better life. They’ll do anything they can to escape the hardships of the country that they're coming from. These immigrants are forced to become “Americanized”. Americans want immigrants to know English, value “American”

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