Uncle Tom 's Cabin By Harriet Beecher Stowe

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Uncle Tom’s Cabin, one of the best classic novels by Harriet Beecher Stowe takes place in Kentucky on Mr. Shelby’s land. In Uncle Tom’s Cabin, the author communicates to the reader the horrific actions and aftermaths of slavery. She does this by telling the story of slaves who were sold to unpleasant masters, showing slavery rips apart families and loved ones, and by showing how children - both free and slave - are affected by slavery. In Uncle Tom’s Cabin a main point to take away from the book is how the slaves were sold to unpleasant masters. At the beginning of the book Mr,Shelby sells Uncle Tom and Eliza’s child Harry to Mr. Haley. When you first read about Mr. Haley he doesn’t seem that bad but as you read more you come to see that…show more content…
Uncle Tom is also not used to working down south on a plantation which is where he is now with Legree. Legree never liked Tom, he always had it out for him because he spread the word of god and helped out a lady that was struggling picking enough cotton for the day. Legree was tough on all of his slaves he didn’t care if they died or not he said “I used to doctor them when they were sick and give them clothes and blankets but it was no use, I lost money. Now I just put them straight through sick or well. When one slave is dead, I buy another, and I find it comes cheaper and easier.”(155) Legree has no feelings of grief or sorrow for his slaves. Legree is so harsh that when two of his slaves “ran away” he decided to beat Uncle Tom till he told him where they went, but Uncle Tom didn’t know. Legree is so unpleasant that he beat Uncle Tom so bad just a few days later Uncle Tom died. In Uncle Tom’s Cabin there are many cases where is shows slavery can and does rip apart families. At the beginning it is shown by Mr. Shelby selling Harry, Eliza’s child. Eliza has lost many children and she will not let this one get taken from her, so she decides that night her and her child will be running from their owners. If Eliza wasn’t so brave her family would have been ripped apart. George, Eliza’s husband was also being taken from her by his master. George”s master want
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