Uncle Tom 's Cabin By Harriet Beecher Stowe

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One of the most influential novels that had been written in the American history is Uncle Tom’s Cabin, which is also known as Life Among the Lowly; written by Harriet Beecher Stowe, who is being addressed as Madam Stowe. The story was written in the 1850’s, around the time of the American Civil War. The inspiration of the novel is an autobiography by Joseph Henson, a former slave who had escaped to Canada. The plot revolves around a black slave, known as Uncle Tom, and the people around him, it also emphasized that Christ’s love can defeat all the suffering and hatred, it also revolves around the cruel treatments that the slaves receive and their desire for freedom. The plot begins in the 1800’s, in Kentucky State, where Uncle Tom’s…show more content…
While Eliza and Harry are escaping, they united with her husband, George Harris. However, they are being targeted by a slave hunter, Tom Loker, during a fight George shot Loker, and Eliza convinced him to send Loker to a nearby Quaker Church, so that Loker can survive. After Tom lived with the St. Clares for around a year, and Eva fall ill, and before she passed away, she had a dream about the heaven after sharing the dream with her family, it changed their attitudes; Augustine St. Clare promised Tom his freedom. Unfortunately, after Augustine’s death, his wife, did not obey his last will and set Tom free, instead, she sold Tom to Simon Legree, a cruel Northern slave owner, who is determined to crash down Tom and his Christian faith. This is the second significant event, with the Eva and Augustine’s death, Tom is being viewed as less than a human again, and which leads to the climax of the story. Tom refused to confine despite the cruel beatings he receive from Legree. In the farm, he met Katie and Emily, the other slaves of Legree. When Emily and Katie escaped, Tom refused to tell Legree where they went, and received a severe beating, which almost ended his life. When he was about to give up his faith and give in to Legree, he experienced two dreams, one about Jesus, and the other about Eva, which gave him the strength to carry on. On his deathbed, George Shelby showed up and wanted to buy Tom back, yet it is too late; Tom
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