Uncle Toms Cabin

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Quandentina Thomas 9/23/2013 7th period Uncle Tom’s Cabin Harriet Beecher Stowe Boston: John P. Jewett, 1852 Chapter 4 (1)How does Uncle Tom Aunt Chloe feel about George Shelby’s presence in their cabin? Tom and Aunt Chole feels that George Shelby is a sweet handsome child that’s birthed with a special gift they feel that he is welcome, they know that George is a Christian child that means no harm. (2)What happens on Tom’s cabin after their evening meal? Why are Tom’s prayers appreciated by other slaves? After the evening meal Mr. Shelby and the trader went into the dining room and Mr. Shelby sold Tom’s after he had promise that he wouldn’t sell Tom “without knowing what sort of hand he’s going into.”…show more content…
Sam is willing to take upon this task to find Eliza and bring her and Harry back to the trader. “Personal well-being that would have done credit to any white patriot in Washington” which means Sam would do anything to please his master and to show his loyalty to his master. Chapter 7 (1)How does Eliza care for her son while they travel to Ohio River? While their traveling to the Ohio River, Eliza shows how much she cares about her little boy by feeding him and not eating. She did this to make sure Harry doesn’t starve. Also she carried him along the way and let him rest upon her shoulder. She describes the touch of her child in which she admires. (2)Why Eliza does decide it is safe to stop at farmhouse to buy some dinner? Eliza feels that it’s safe to stop at the farmhouse an receive something to eat without people thinking she’s a fugitive because Harry is white and she is also “White as not to be known as of colored lineage, without a critical survey and it will be much easier for her to pass on unsuspected.” (3)How do Sam and Andy use Haley’s prejudices to delay Haley’s pursuit of Eliza and Harry? Mr. Haley knows that Sam and Andy are liars and Sam and Andy knew that Mr. Haley wouldn’t believe them even if they told the truth. Sam and Andy gave Mr. Haley and option to take the dirt road or the straight road but Sam insisted on Mr. Haley to take the dirt road which was the actual direction but by Mr. Haley knowing their liars he chose
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