Uncle Tom's Cabin, The Fugitive Slave Act, and The Compromise of 1850

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In the 1850s the most controversial topics was slavery. Slavery opened up many debates, discussions and arguments. This decade is known as the turbulent decade because of all the events that led America downhill. It divided the nation into two, the North and South or the Union and Confederacy. Unconstitutional, immoral, inhuman and plain out wrong was how the Union described slavery. On the other side the south viewed slavery as the right thing to do because blacks were lesser human begins which made slavery justified. Also in the 1850s new territories in the nation were being added so the question of allowing slavery or not arose there. During this decade many compromises were proposed to avoid war but all were unsuccessful and…show more content…
The points of this compromise were should the new territory America gained in the south be a slave territory, can California enter the Union as a free state, and where should the borders of Texas be? Henry Clay was known as the great compromiser but at this point in time he was 70 years old so, he needed help coming up with this one. With Henry Clay, Steven Douglas, and the help of others a compromise was settled. California would be admitted as a free state, while Texas will be a slave state to balance the amount of free and slave states. Also the new land claims, Utah and New Mexico, would go without mention of slavery but when they apply for statehood they would be given popular sovereignty, which means they would be able to decide by voting to be a free or slave state. Besides being a slave state Texas was given $10 million from the United States government to pay off their debt to Mexico from the war. In the nations capital, district of Columbia the slave trade was banned. Also a strong fugitive slave act was passed forcing citizens to help in the recovery of fugitive slaves. Slaves who built a new life in the North were in trouble with this new law, so they fled to Canada. To postpone the Civil War this compromise helped in the sense that it evened out the amount of free and slave states. Also Southerns, especially the slave holders, were happy Northerners were to help in the

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