Uncle Tom's Cabin Thesis

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Uncle Tom is by far one of the most influential anti-slavery novel ever written in America, Harriet Beecher Stowe illustrates in her book the life and struggles of slavery in the 1800’s. Stowe’s goal was to describe in detail the pain, struggle, and the non-human living conditions slaves suffered. Stow’s ability to illustrate how slavery affected families did not only raise anti-slavery awareness but was one of the contributing factors that started the cilvil war which led to the end of slavery. Uncle Tom’s cabin is the story of a slave black man named Tom, who is sold by his owner in order to pay a debt. While on the ship, traveling with his master to his new home, Tom saves a young girl from drowning, as gratitude her father purchases Tom, who was well treated but his new master and his daughter. Unfortunately the young girl passes away and her father is killed, resulting Tom out in the market up for sell again. This time Tom is purchased by a cruel man names Legree who exploited his slaves to death. The section of the book provided in this assignment, describes the part where Legree demands Tom to have sexual intercourse with another slave in order to promote him to a driver position. Tom refuses and tells his owner he can owe him, but he can never own his soul, which infuriates his…show more content…
The book was intended for all those who supported slavery, the author demanded promise of freedom and equal rights, which caused conflicts between the North and South and influenced the Civil War. The book became one of the best sellers of all times, second to the bible, reaching international popularity. Uncle Tom’s cabin impacted public opinion and influence equity rights not only in the United States , but Russia and
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