Uncle Tom’s Cabin: a Feminist Novel

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In response to the fugitive slave act of 1850, Stowe wrote Uncle Tom Cabin denouncing the rule that forbids helping or sheltering those fugitive. As a matter of fact, the central objective from writing this book is that to shed the light on the evil of slavery in north, so that may wake people up to react against this cruel matter. Astonishingly, the book was one of the factors that triggers the civil war between North and South to free the slaves. Beside to this central target of the book, it is considered as a feminist novel as well, yet it is written before the widespread growth of the women’s rights movement in the late of 18th century. Actually, there are some people, however, claim that this novel is not a feminist novel because as…show more content…
Second Image: women’s ability of persuasion: Likewise, Stowe makes a comparison between women and men in the story because one can notice that she made the men characters having common features, so does the women, and that traces back to her inclination to generalize her idea as she wants to say that all women are the same and have the ability to do unexpected things. In the novel, although Mr. Shelpy, Mr. Bird condemn the rule of society in terms of slavery, they do nothing toward it. Rather, being rational, they follow the society taking no heed of their feelings as Senator says to his wife " you must consider it’s not a matter of private feeling. There are great public interests involved.......we must put aside our private feelings"(Stowe 75). Women, on the other hand, try their best to alter the society despite of the limited position they have being as wives or mothers. For example, Mrs.Bird tried to convince her husband to shelter the fugitives in their house. " Now, john, i don’t know anything about politics, but i can read my bible,and there i see that i must feed the hungry, cloth the........" " But in cases where you’re doing so would involve a great public evil_ " "obeying God never brings on public..." " Now listen to me Mary..." " oh,
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