Unconditional Positive Respect : Personal Aspects

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1. I believe that unconditional positive regard is very common especially in the examples stated in the book. It is also common because we ourselves what the unconditional love and acceptance therefore we put that onto others. The unconditional positive regard I believe in my circumstance and many others would be family, for instance my immediate family. My mother and father no matter my behaviors or actions would give me love and empathy even with suffering consequences for those actions.
2. I give people unconditional positive regard daily and most of the time unconsciously. Even in the little of things that people do that are negative, I believe as humans we come with this natural intent to give people unconditional positive regard daily.
3. The main people who help with my self-esteem and happiness would be my mother, father, sister, brother and significant other. They do this on a daily basis and I believe its because of my acknowledgement of their unconditional positive regards towards me. Now saying that, I don’t take advantage of that however, I don’t live in fear for my mistakes that I would ever be alone.
4. Through my life as growing into adulthood I have experience periods were I feared being unworthy of love, as I believe we all do. We as humans natural crave acceptance and love and naturally have that fear of being unwanted or un-liked. For an example I felt that if I failed a test or got poor grades I would be unloved. That’s not because my parents didn’t
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