Under Armour Case Analysis

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We decided to do our project on Under Armour Inc., an American manufacturer of footwear, sports and casual apparel. We chose Under Armour because they have been a fluctuating company that seemed to be on the rise less than 3 years ago, but inversely has been in a steady decline. There have been numerous stories in the news about their questionable business strategy. Whether it is political endorsements, insufficient profit margins or their declining stock price, Under Armour is an excellent example of a company that could be in a more favorable situation if better strategic moves were made by the leading management. We believe that we will be able to analyze Under Armour’s short history and provide the best course of action. Under Armour is renowned for their self proclaimed label as an “underdog brand” when compared to their major competitors such as Nike and Adidas. Founder Kevin Plank, a former athlete, built the company from the ground up and transformed Under Armour from a athletic t-shirt company, into a company worth over $17 billion. Although Under Armour has secured the reputation as the second-biggest company in the United States, recent strategic decisions by top management may have hampered the security of their position.
In 2017, alone, we have seen the negative impacts of some of the strategic shifts that Under Armour has made in hopes of gaining a greater share of the market. The most noticeable impact on the company was the significant drop in its share

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