Under Armour Case Anylasis Essay

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Case Analysis Model
Begin with a brief introduction which names the company and the industry in which it operates. Then briefly describe the company’s position within the industry, and how it is trying to position itself (it is a good idea to write the intro after you have finished all of your analyses).
General Environment
The industry is the item of interest in the GE model. Each of the following model elements addresses the industry first. 1. Make a profound statement, which characterizes the model element, relative to the industry. 2. Evidence is presented that pertains to characteristics of UA’s industry. 3. In a separate paragraph, a statement is made and justified which positions the firm, relative to the competition,
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Human Resource Management

Technology Development


Summary of Support
Briefly summarize which support functions represent strengths or weaknesses for the firm within their industry.

Primary Functions
Inbound Logistics
For each of these primary functions describe the resources the firm utilizes to carry them out and how this positions the firm relative to its competition within the industry.

Outbound Logistics

Marketing and Sales


Summary of Primary
Briefly summarize which primary functions represent strengths or weaknesses for the firm within their industry.
SWOT Analysis
In this analysis, strengths and weaknesses are internal and come from the value chain. Opportunities and threats are external and come from general environment and five forces model.
Identify which strengths will advance to core competency status.
Core Competencies
Core competencies are strengths that are expressed in value chain terms. For example, to describe a firm’s strength in the area of distribution centers, write something to the effect of “The firm has a core competency in inbound and outbound logistics, because the distribution centers handle incoming supplies and components as well as outgoing finished products. Competitors are unable to match the firms’ operational efficiency and handle both inbound and outbound

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