Under Armour Case Study

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Why Under Armour is on the Rise Under Armour is a company that produces athletic wear from baseball cleats to basketball shoes. Their mission is “to make all athletes better through Passion, Design and the Relentlessness pursuit of innovation (uabiz.com).” The company was founded in 1996 by former Maryland football player, Kevin Plank, in hopes that he would create clothing that kept athletes cool, dry, and light throughout the course of a game, practice, or workout. Under Armour came out with three different types of gear which included HeatGear, which is worn when it is hot, and ColdGear which is worn when it is cold, as well as AllSeasonGear that can be worn anytime. When “two-a-days” came around, which are two practices in one day, Plank absolutely hated having to change his shirt when it was soaked with his sweat after practice. He had in his mind that there had to be something better to wear. Kevin decided to name his company Under Armour, and after a lot of research on synthetic fiber, he made his first shirt, which he named #0037. He made the shirt capable of soaking up the sweat so that it would help the athletes stay cool, dry, and light under extreme conditions. The company had a huge impact on the community in 2013. Under Armour participated in 281 projects where almost 1,000 teammates of Under Armour volunteered over 6,000 hours, donated 800 jackets for people at a homeless shelter, and 1,500 meals were served to families in Baltimore City. Over the years, the

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