Under Armour Company

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Under Armour supplies an array of sports equipment, clothing, and sports accessories, but mainly focuses on hi-tech innovative products for athletes. Plank, a former University of Maryland football player created the idea of Under Armour in his grandmother’s basement. Plank noticed during a football practice that his compression shorts would stay dry, however, he had to continuously change his t-shirts due to excessive sweat stains. This finding led Plank to create a t-shirt prototype that would incorporate the same sweat combating microfibers that his compression shorts contained. This prototype led to the now well-known Under Armour dry fit sports shirt. After Plank perfected his prototype, word traveled fast across the D-1 football community that a “super” shirt would allow athletes to perform better without being irritated by weighted sweaty t-shirts. Several division 1 teams began requesting orders and Under Armour slowly grew into the company that it is today. Under Armour currently consists of 5,400 employees worldwide, with its current headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland where the company began. Under Armour sponsors a variety of athletes in several different professional sports. Notable athletes include NFL’s Tom Brady, MLB’s Bryce Harper, and swimming’s Michael Phelps. In comparison with its competitors, Under Armour is a young…

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