Under Armour Corperate Governance

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Under Armour’s Corporate Governance
Under Armour has a very organized and effective corporate governance structure. Shareholders of UA elect the Board of Directors who act as the final decision-making body of the company; decisions include choosing the CEO and top management officials, among other things. While the management is in charge of running the day-to-day business of UA, the Board oversees all of their actions. The Board is responsible for acting in an ethical manner that advances the goals and strategies of the company, while ultimately suiting the best interests of the shareholders. Members of the Board are open and willing to speak with other stakeholders; however, upper management generally acts as the voice for the company.
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According to Under Armour’s 2011 Annual Report the following executives are listed along with the amount of stock they hold with the company:
Owner Shares owned
Kevin A. Plank 11,100,100
Byron K. Adams, Jr. 855
Douglas E. Coltharp 28,500
Anthony W. Deering 10,100
A.B. Krongard 17,285
William R. McDermott 0
Harvey L. Sanders 43,500
Thomas J. Sippel 4,000
Brad Dickerson 50
Kip J. Fulks 45,100
Henry B. Stafford 7,048
Mark Dowley 0
All Executive Officers and Directors as a Group 13,305,378
CEO Kevin Plank owns 21.3% of the company’s stock, while all executive officers and directors as a group own 26%.
Under Armour has a long list of institutions that own stock with the company. The Nasdaq list their top five being, Fidelity Management & Research LLC, Waddell & Reed Financial INC, Bamco INC/NY/, Vanguard Group INC, and Wells Fargo & Company/MN.
UA annual report

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