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UNDER ARMOUR Under Armour is a product line based company. Under Armour sells sports clothing and Accessories Company. The company is a supplier of a wide range of sportswear and casual apparel mainly focusing on hi-tech sportswear for professional athletes. The products of Under Armour Performance Apparel have become the top choice of athletes around the world to wear under their uniforms or during workouts. It all began with college football player Kevin Plank, who designed a T-shirt to draw sweat away from the body and into a lightweight microfiber fabric. Though moisture-wicking fabric was not a new concept, Plank's lingerie-feeling garments became a sensation when they kept football players at the University of Maryland, Georgia…show more content…
Sales had topped the $1 million mark for the first time and Plank was finally able to pay himself a regular salary. In 2000 Under Armour outfitted the new XFL football league and gained considerable attention during the league's debut on national television. Though the XFL later folded, the exposure helped put Under Armour gear into 1,500 retail outlets throughout the United States. To keep up with demand, the company relocated to a new 14,000-square-foot site in October and by early the next year had become the official outfitter of MLB, the NHL, and USA Baseball. Even law enforcement and military personnel were wearing Under Armour. Under Armour earned accolades from several sources in late 2001, including being named Apparel Supplier of the Year from Sporting Goods Business, and a Victor Award for the best New Product Launch from the Sports Authority, the nation's largest sporting goods chain. Plank, too, was noticed for his achievements, as one of Business Week's top "under thirty" business professionals. The company also revamped its web site, featuring three-dimensional views of some of its apparel, a more extensive product listing (including ski gear), and locations of both domestic and international dealers. Under Armour finished 2001 with sales of more than $25 million and 59 employees. In 2002 Under Armour began testing its women's apparel line, hoping to duplicate its immense success with male

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