Under Armour, Inc.

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Under Armour, Inc. is ranked among the established sports Kit producers across the globe. It thus enjoys massive sales in several markets. Under Armour has its headquarters Baltimore, Maryland with Kevin Plank as the current Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Robin Thurston as the Chief Finance Office. The company is committed to developing its brand continuously through advertisement. It is presently listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) market with a share price of $46.99. The company through its CEO believes that for the company to remain viable in the market, it has to ensure that that its products satisfy the taste of the consumers (Thompson, 2015). Clearly, this has bored fruits, basing the argument on the high consumer…show more content…
Therefore, the company worked hard to ensure that all the athletes were better-off through passion, design and relentless pursuit of innovation. Rational for Selecting Under Armour, Inc. The organization trades on the NYSE market and over the years, it has witnessed a substantial growth in the value of the stocks. In this case, the values of the stocks are at $46.99/share. As at April 2016, the organization witnessed a split in its share prices. In mid-April, the organization closed at 45% down from the previous close of 85.97% that had been recorded just the previous day. Based on the split stocks share, it is expected that Under Armour, Inc. is in the process of enjoying a tremendous growth from its per stock prices. It is anticipated that in the coming months, the organization will earn a 4% increase in the share prices. Moreover, in the coming quarters, it is expected that the company will have an increase in the value of the stocks with a staggering $4.02 billion in revenues. As at the end of the year, it is expected that the organization will earn $1.22 per share, up 16%, while revenue of $4.98 billion would mark a decline of 25.7% from the year-ago quarter. Such a significant growth is attributed to the increased sales for its footwear. Most of the sporting teams such as the National Basketball Association (NBA) has had Under Armour as their preferred supplier for its sporting utilities. As
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