Under Armour Is An Easy Selection For The Creation Of An Organization

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Under Armour was an easy selection for the creation of an analysis of production introduction because of the multiple factors that are already pointing the organization into the golf equipment industry. This analysis will highlight the current state of the organization, the golf equipment industry, a risk-mitigation plan, and the management of employees/customers for the product launch. Although Under Armour was a relatively easy selection, there are numerous risk associated with any organization launching a new product and these risks must be measured as well as properly planned in order to achieve success.
Under Armour is one of the most established sports apparel and accessories producing companies in the world. Under Armour
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The reason the Steph Curry endorsement must be brought up is because of the major effect it has had on Under Armour’s overall growth. As stated previously, they have become a major threat to their largest competitor in Nike.
The Younger Generation: It is without question, Under Armour has had a substantial impact on the younger generation. Since their inception in 1996, they have done a fantastic job marketing to the younger population. Fast-forward twenty years later and now that young generation is in their prime years of consuming sports apparel and accessory products. An article written by Jahla Seppanen (2007), “The kids business continues to draft off of successful programs in men’s and women’s, but management feels they are capturing even more mindshare with the younger generation, a trend they see as long-term”. I have to agree that their management’s focus on the younger generation is now paying off.
Golf Equipment Industry: Under Armour already has their footprint in the golf apparel and footwear industry. Recently, Nike decided to exit the golf equipment industry because of decreasing year over year revenues and the competition in the marketplace. Nike’s golf equipment business soared high during Tiger Woods prime playing days but since the decline in Wood’s play followed
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