Under Armour Is An International Brand Focused On Health, Fitness, And Sports

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The performance industry is made up of companies that design and sell clothing, footwear, and accessories. Under Armour is an international brand focusing on health, fitness and sports. Under Armour is looking to push aside their competitors and become athletes first choice when it comes to performance gear. One of Under Armour’s objectives is to be the market share leader in the sporting apparel industry. Their goal is to provide the highest quality and most innovative products. Consumers know the specific retailers that distribute Under Armour apparel because Under Armour is using a selective distribution process which means that only a few retail outlets in a specific geographic region have their products. This is a good thing because their products can be view as a more prestigious good in the sporting apparel industry which means people will feel a since of pride when wearing it.
Under Armour uses the value-based pricing strategy which means that their products will be priced a little higher than the competition, but still in line with what the consumers believe acceptable, they believe that their higher quality products compared to competitors allows them to do this. Customers are willing to pay more for products that have higher quality. In order for Under Armour to stay competitive with larger brands they must continue to develop cutting edge, innovative products that appeal to everyone. Currently, Under Armour is trying to expand in to international markets. In…

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