Under Armour Strategic Analysis

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Under Armour: Case 1
The following is an environmental analysis of the “performance apparel” business sector of the athletic apparel industry, with an analysis on Under Armour, the 3rd largest athletic apparel company. The company is clearly rapidly growing, touching markets that have been dominated before, but continues to pride themselves on the performance of their products. The first section of this analysis will cover the trends in technology, economics, demographics, socialites and culture, as well as politics and legalities. It also includes coverage over Porter’s 5 forces and analysis’ of the industry and competitors. It will be concluded with strategies of success of the company as well as alternative strategies.
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Recently there has been an increase in awareness regarding the companies paying college athletes for wearing their brands, and could lead to them being classified as employees and capable of collective bargaining. In colleges across the U.S., it is against university policy for players to accept or receive endorsements or be paid by companies while still participating in college athletics. There have been numerous cases where players have been suspended, along with their coaches and anyone with known information, because of brand companies supplying specifically targeted players with money, cars and clothes to market their products.
The socialcultural effects that athletic apparel has had on cultures across the world have had a large impact and continue to grow. Athletes of all sports, all ages, professional and not have placed a large influence on consumers across the world. The athletic apparel being worn by people all over the world provide a label of what that person is and how their life style may be. Health has been an increased implication on many societies and apparel has been a way to show how “healthy” a person would consider themselves. Today consumers of all ages are able to view products through television, commercial, and the radio, as well as watch all types of sporting event

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