Under Ecological Sustainable Principles Assessment

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Under Ecological Sustainable Principles assessment in term of water quality, the assessment will use one operational principle which is precautionary principle. Precautionary principle means that any activity must have scientific evidence to support those actions or if the action has a potential harm effect to the environment, it is mandatory to take action regardless scientific proof (Kriebel et al. 2001). Water Urban Sensitive Design (WUSD) could be used to assess water quality as scientific evidence for precautionary principles. Best management practice for WUSD are divided into two groups first group is potable reduction, which has standard for water efficient appliances including fitting, the availability rain water tank, landscaping…show more content…
To keep water efficiency, the plan encourages using native vegetation and a special plant for landscaping that requires a low water need to maintain. Irrigation for private garden will use greywater that come from washing and shower either single house or apartment. The plan uses 2 techniques to maintain stromwater first technique uses lined soakwells, which will increase the ability of water to absorb by the ground and biofiltration swales, which is adding a biologic substance to enhance the stromwater quality (Department-of-Water 2015). The second technique is using roof garden where the multiple dwelling has mandatory to provide 10 % roof garden to prevent stromwater run off. Based on WSUD guidelines, it can be concluded that the proposed plan has met standard to keep water quality. In Economic development, principle of energy efficiency will use to assess the plan. The operational framework of this principle is using efficiency principle. It means that plan should encourage using resources wisely. The plan proposes to build pedestrian or footpath for most streets in the area that will encourage the resident for walking or cycling. However, education and commercial places are located around 1 to 2 kilometres. The standard for walk able is around 400 metres and it could increase to 1.2 kilometres if the area provides with convenient facilities (- 2009). In addition, the Perry lakes area is served by public transport, which could reduce
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