Under Just Cause Discipline Essay

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Under Just Cause Discipline, there is a need to ensure that there was an investigation made. Thus, the first stage of the procedure is known as the inquiry stage of the formal procedure and it is to investigate the claim on Margarita’s violation of the company’s rules. Although Margarita was caught stealing the controlled drugs for the first time, it was found that there were unaccounted missing drugs on multiple occasions during her time of duty on 14 September 2015, 4 November 2015 and 15 December 2015. It was also found that Margarita took medical leave a day after stealing the drugs after each occasion. It is necessary to investigate whether there was a connection between Margarita taking the drugs and the fact that she took medical leave the day after. Margarita had taken 14 days of medical leave and only has 7 days worth of annual leave as of 2015. The Human Resource (HR)…show more content…
Since the HR officer is an authorised personnel to conduct the investigation, he or she will be able to have ways and means to gather information or possible clues easily and thus will be able to retrieve more accurate information from the employees. Hence, the witnesses may be more transparent with their statements. Besides having the authority, the HR officer would have additional expertise in managing disciplinary cases as well. Also, the HR officer would be more inclined to be objective and impersonal without any perception biases as compared to the Head of Geriatric Department if he or she were to conduct the investigation. Thus, this falls in line with the principles of Just Cause and Hot Stove rule as it states that the individual should not be biased in any circumstances to conduct a fair
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