Under Oath : A Lawyer 's Life

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Under Oath: A Lawyer’s Life
1. Lawyers are usually abounding with money and a bad reputation. My interest in pursuing a career in law is derived from a few different things. Firstly, I have an uncle who is a lawyer. His stories from clients have always enthralled me. Naturally when I determined my interests for a career field, law was on the list. The second thing I examined for a potential career was the presence or absence of my two favorite school subjects: writing and reading. Being a lawyer would most definitely check those subjects off the list, along with a love I have for helping others. Following the criteria I provided myself with, I knew being a lawyer would be my ideal occupation.
2. The field of law is a very broad field. Lawyers have one of many jobs involving the law, but yet there are hundreds of different branches lawyers can participate in. These branches include things like Copyright Law, Tax Law, Sports Law, Education Law, and Water Law to more specific things like Native American Law and Railroad Law (Practice Area Overview). 10. The freedom to practice in whichever law field you like is a great incentive to become a lawyer. Lawyers can represent clients in court, write wills, help with adoption, and so much more (OKCareerGuide). The limit of practice is only determined by the lawyer and the size of the practice area. Specialty lawyers are more commonly found in big cities, where small town lawyers would most likely do whatever a client needed them to…
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