Under The Persimmon Tree By Suzanne Staples

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(AGG) It 's important for an author of the realistic fiction genre to incorporate real-world facts into their work, in both the plot and for added detail. (BS-1) This is shown when Suzanne Staples incorporate facts on the Taliban 's regime in Under the Persimmon Tree. (BS-2) She also puts facts about mental illness and PTSD into her characters, and incorporates it into the plot very well. (BS-3) She also inputs many facts about the differing beliefs in Islam. (TS) Throughout the book Under The Persimmon Tree, Mrs. Staples incorporates several real world concepts into the plot and details to advance the plot and characterization.
(MIP-1) One real world concept that was inserted into the book is the effects that the Taliban’s regime has on the countries they occupy. (SIP-A) One of these effects is the increase of poverty in these countries. (STEWE-1) According to the dictionary, the definition of poverty is “the state or condition of having little or no money, goods, or means of support; condition of being poor” (“Poverty”). (STEWE-2) This state of poverty is shown when the book says, “You can tell by looking at them that they have little food and no clean water, and the only thing they live on is dreams of their farms, which no longer exist” (Staples 240-41). These people are very poor, and, like the definition says, have little to no material possessions. These people are from refugee camps after being on the run from the Taliban, so this poverty is an effect of their rule.
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