Under What Circumstances is Abortion Acceptable? Essay

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Abortion by google definition is a deliberate termination of ta human pregnancy. This, in fact, is a termination of a human life and should be deemed as murder. Abortion is a severely understated reality of the disregard and disrespect of human life. I believe that every human life should be treasured and respected, I feel abortion diminishes the meaning of life. There is a clear indication in science that like begins at conception. The fusion of the zygote is where human life beings, each zygote has its own unique combination of DNA which makes up a human. Biological life has certain life requirements which include metabolism, reproduction, growth, and reactions to stimuli according to Family Research Council. The zygote fits all there…show more content…
The consequences of abortion are possible and psychological risks to women. The physical risks include excessive bleeding, infection and incompetent cervix. Abortion may lead to other risks involving future pregnancies such as the double increase of the risks of sterility and the increase of the chances of a future ectopic pregnancy. According to Birthmothers 85% of woman have negative emotional effects after abortion. These include depression, anxiety, eating disorders and thoughts of suicide. Abortion changes a woman’s life forever therefore abortion not only takes a life but damages another as well. The only instances abortion can be justifiable or even thinkable are under serious circumstances. This includes rape which leaves the woman as a victim of a serious crime. The abortion can be seen as understandable die to the possible emotional damage that can occur to the woman if the baby was carried to full term. The only other instant that abortion may be seen as necessary is if the mother is a severe health risk caused by the pregnancy. Every living life deserves the right to be respected regardless of the stage of development. The unborn baby should be protected from the time of conception this is when life begins. Society’s idea of abortion should not be that it is a convenient solution rather abortion should be seen for
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