Under the Influence of the Media

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Under the Influence of Media The media is a big influence on people’s perception and the movies, in particular, give us not only entertainment but also an alternate way of thinking about the possibilities that can be given in life. In particular, action movies in America remind their young adult audience that good will always prevail. They teach us timeless morals that can be applied to our daily lives and with that, we may look at the starred protagonist as a role model since they take on realistic challenges that we can somehow relate to. Whether it is to be witty, muscular, intelligent, skilled, or perseverant, young adults aspire to become just like these inspirations or role models. These fictional characters tend to reflect society’s idea of “perfection”. However, society’s idea of perfection changes over time, often skewed and too ambiguous to achieve. In search of inspiration and role models, films influence society just as much as society influences film. Classic movies provide the foundation of all movies in which other productions can compare to. The advancement of movies cannot happen without the success or mistakes of others. Despite developing technology and its trials and errors, some trends appeal to the audience and remain a necessity in each individual movie genre, carried onto the next generations. The action film did not become a dominant genre until the 1980s. Made popular by actors like Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Lee, action
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