Underage Alcohol Abuse Essay

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Underage Alcohol Abuse

The Story of My Search “Have you been stealing liquor from your aunt ?” my mother asked me while we were in the car on our way home. Her face looked disappointed and worried when she asked me. This is a question most teens would have feared if they heard it come out of their parents mouth but i knew I didn’t do it so I was fine. I never thought my mother would actually ask me this question hence that fact that i am under the legal drinking age but, liquor was disappearing from my aunts house and it is only right to have suspicion that the teenager did it. I didn’t like how they just suspected me of doing it just because i am a teenager. Now every time i go over my aunts house they like to keep a closer eye
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These books help start off my search into answering my question as to why people drink alcohol. I then began to read more books focusing more on underage drinking. I wanted to learn more about the effects of drinking on teens. What made teens want to drink? I then went on the web to find answers to my questions. I found many answers that helped me understand more about why underage drinking isn’t such a good idea. I then interview my aunt Cori DuVall who was once a underage drinker. She gave me many answers such as how it affected her, what the consequences were, why she wish she never drank, and why she think teenagers shouldn’t drink. By using the books, internet, and interviewing my aunt I was able to find out more about the effects of underage drinking and why it should be stopped.

The Results of my Search Drinking alcohol is like taking a drug. It is a worldwide problem. One of the larger groups effected by alcohol is teenagers and young adults. According to the book Alcohol “Drinking to get drunk has become more common. Teenagers and young adults say they drink for the buzz.” As time progresses underage drinking becomes more relevant. Teens and young adults drink for various reasons but don’t think of the consequences or effects. Although alcohol abuse causes long term and short term effects, young people still abuse it. Alcohol abuse causes many short term effects. Injuries is one of them such as falls and accidents.
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