Underage Drinking And The Long Term Effect

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There has been a large amount of research regarding underage drinking and the long-term effect that it can have on a person’s body and their mental state. The public is often informed of phases and activities that underage students are partaking in that can be extremely harmful to themselves that they are not aware of. In the journal article “The Use of Caffeinated Alcoholic Beverages Among Underage Drinkers: Results of a National Survey” they examine the relationship between the tendencies underage drinkers who drink non-traditional caffeinated alcoholic beverages and traditionally caffeinated alcoholic beverages. The study defines non-traditional CABs as Pre-Mixed Sodas or Energy Drinks with Liquor added and defined traditional CABs as Liquor with soda, coffee, or tea added by the beverage consumer. Previous research in this field has led to the determination that the consumption of caffeinated alcoholic beverages leads to an increased level of high-risk behavior among adolescents and young adults. Some of these high-risk behaviors include driving while intoxicated, unprotected sexual activity, and illegal substance abuse. In addition, heavy binge drinking is widely accepted as contributing to “neurocognitive deficits” and increased “morbidity and mortality.” Much of the previous research has focused on college-aged young adults. This study hopes to greatly shed light on the age group from 13 to 17 years old (pre-collegiate adolescents). In addition, the study hopes to

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