Underage Drinking Annotated Bib.

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Underage Drinking: Annotated Bibliography Alexis Richter Comp 2 February 27th, 2010 Engs, Ruth C. "Why the Drinking Age Should be Lowered: An Opinion Based Upon Research." CQ Researcher. N.p., 20 Mar. 1998. Web. 9 Feb. 2011. . The article “Why the Drinking Age Should be Lowered: An Option based upon Research” is about twenty years of research based underage drinking done by Ruth Engs. It talks about the way things were in the past compared to how things are now. The research done for this article shows that binge drinking is mostly found in the age below 21 due to the lack of being taught responsible drinking habits. In this article there are many statistics dealing with drinking at a college level over a long span of…show more content…
Web. 18 Feb. 2011. The article titled “Vermont Considers Lowering Drinking Age to 18” is about the Republican state representative for Vermont, Richard Marron’s view on lowering the drinking age after reading Mr. McCardell’s newspaper column. Marron wants to propose a bill that lowers the drinking age to 18. However, federal support is keeping other legislators from signing the bill as co-sponsors. “Mr. Marron's bill is unlikely to pass, mainly because if it did, Vermont would lose $9.7 million in federal money for highway maintenance, grants available only if a state sets its drinking age at 21. And the state's public safety commissioner and health department, along with several legislators, argue that lowering the drinking age would simply worsen the problem of under-age drinking and drunken driving”(Belluck). Even though in this article it states that there are some representatives that would not be for signing the bill for personal reasons, the only other thing that it comes down to from a legislative point of view is transportation funds. This article has to do with my thesis because it deals with taking action to lower the drinking age. It also talks about how no matter what kids are going to find the way around the drinking age. For example, 18 year olds are traveling to Canada to drink because the legal age there is 18. This source really contributes to my overall understanding of the topic, because it taught me a new issue to lowering

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