Underage Drinking As A New Phenomenon

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Underage drinking in the US is one of the social issues, which has been responsible for numerous economic losses, accidents, deaths and crimes. Youth have become actively involved in drinking abuse, where they lose their sense of understanding and comprehension. To eradicate the social issue of underage drinking, numerous strategies have been implemented by the US government, where some of them were successful, while others were not able to produce significant reduction in underage drinking. Today, the world has shrunk down due to technological advancement, where the major impact of technology is laid on academic knowledge.
Through vast technological advancement, studies and researches pertaining to underage drinking will aid the government and states to control problem of the prevalence of underage drinking in the society. The current research in hand, focuses on how can the imposition of higher penalties and fines for selling alcohol to underage members can reduce the societal costs of underage drinking.
Literature Review
Underage drinking in the societies of the US is not a new phenomenon. Ever since ages, the social concern of underage drinking has been eating the society like a plague, for which society is bearing the economic cost of losing its youth and future in the hands of such social concern, which can be avoided. According to the CDC, underage drinking is one of the major public health problems, which is accountable for 4,300 deaths of underage drinkers
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