Underage Drinking

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Underage Drinking Introduction Underage drinking has long been, and continues to be, a serious public health concern. “Teen alcohol use kills more than 4700 people each year and high school students who use alcohol or other drugs are five times more likely to drop out of school” (MADD, 2014) than kids who do not. There have been years of underage drinking prevention programs to curtail the use of alcohol by those under 21 years of age and yet alcohol is the most widely used drug by adolescents in the United States (Wagoner et al. 2012). Underage drinking is a real problem in all 50 states, even though there are laws in place to prohibit anyone under 21 years of age from drinking alcohol. Parental involvement might be the…show more content…
2012). Because of the growing issue of parents supplying alcohol to minors, 35 of 50 states currently have Social Host laws in effect. This means if an adult is supplying minors with alcohol in their home, they can be arrested and charged. These laws are an attempt to decrease the number of adults hosting underage parties and supplying alcohol to minors (Wagoner et al. 2012). In addition to social host laws, laws concerning restricted licenses for teens and limiting teen driving at night seem to have had an impact on underage drinking. Additionally, license suspension laws for alcohol violations are making kids think twice before they consume alcohol and drive (Hingson, 2014). Yet underage drinking remains a nationwide concern and must continue to be addressed. Methodology This study will use cluster sampling to get a good base of individuals and not just those from one area of a city or country. We will use five regions, Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, Northwest and Southwest. We will contract with 30 parents in each region (150 total) who have children ages nine to nineteen, and are willing to actively participate in a longitudinal study. The purpose of the study will be explained to everyone in a question and answer meeting. Those who

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