Underage Drinking

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Underage drinking is becoming more of a noticeable problem in society, not only with high school students, but also with younger generations. Drinking is all over the television, the radio, and talked about in schools, public places, etc. Alcohol advertisements are more and more appealing to younger generations. If our youth is educated at a younger age, if school policies were stricter, and if clubs and bars cracked down on underage drinking the problem would not be as serious. Youth should be well educated about consumption of alcohol well before middle school. By the time students reach middle school they are already exposed to alcohol. D.A.R.E, the program that teaches children about alcohol and its effects, should be taught in…show more content…
15. This just shows that bartenders are not carding. Their reasons may differ, but it seems as though females are easily passed off as legal drinking age regardless of what their I.D. says. From my three years of personal experience in the club industry I realized many young females received drinks from the bartenders despite their age. Walking into clubs females usually don’t even get carded as long as they are good looking they get the wristband. Clubs and bars should have females at the front greeting because that would eliminate underage drinking. Also, I.D scanners would help because there would no way of getting in with a fake I.D. If clubs and bars were stricter and had better tools to prevent underage drinking this problem would decrease rapidly. In conclusion, underage drinking affects should be taught at a younger age before the kids are exposed. Not only should they be educated earlier but the schools policies should be stricter as well as college policies. If schools became stricter along with clubs and bars the future of our youth would improve. These steps must be taken or our younger generations will start to spiral without
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