Underage Drinking : The Best Years Of Your Life

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College is often referred to as the best years of your life. During these years you get to be more independent, finally have a say in what you want to learn about, and more commonly than not indulge in risky behavior. The definition of risky behavior in the case means underage drinking. Alcohol is a big part of the college experience for many, and for others they do not want anything to do with alcohol. Whether college students choose to indulge in drinking alcohol or not it still can affect them. A student may choose to not go to a party if there is drinking, or they may not choose to go watch a football game at a certain restaurant because it happens to be on one dollar beer night. One place that alcohol is almost guaranteed to be at those is college parties. Many students choose to relax after a long week by going to a party. At these parties alcohol is in abundance, drinking games are played, and for many bad decisions are made. The bad decisions can be costly for the student from a ticket for deciding to drive home, getting a minor in possession if the student is of age to have alcohol, or even getting kicked out of the dorms for being a repeat offender of alcohol in the dorm hall. The root of the majority of parties is always rumored to start in one particular place. That place being fraternities. Fraternities have been seen as the root of all college parties for ages. There are T.V. shows and movies that portray fraternities as just that, the root of college parties.

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