Underage Drinking in Australia

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Underage drinking is rapidly becoming a widespread matter within Australia. It is considered to be a serious problem not only nationally, but also globally wide. Underage drinking has climbed its way up the ladder to one of the most common forms of substance use. “The health risks that accumulate over a lifetime from alcohol increase progressively – this means that the more young people drink, the greater the risk” (Windle, Spear, Fuligni, Angold, Drown, Pine, Smith, Giedd, Dahl 2009). Some states within Australia do not have to deal with this problem nearly as much as others. These teenagers are classified as underage drinkers because the national legal drinking age in Australia is 18 years of age – meaning they are still considered to be minors (Australian Alcohol Guidelines, 2009). For the purposes of this essay, the focus will be set on adolescences and alcohol. It will be argued whether parental influence has an impact on teenagers present or future drinking habits.

Some research studies show relation from parental influence and upbringing of a child to underage drinking (Ary, Tildesley, Hops, Andrews 1993). In this study conducted by Ary et al., 173 families with two children were questioned. The object of the examination was to explore the attitudes and beliefs parents were teaching their children about the consumption of alcoholic substances. Within the study a mother, father, sibling and the target teenager undertook a self-assessment to measure their alcohol
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