Essay on Underage Drinking in Australia

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Over time, it has become a regular thing for citizens of Australian to drink excessive amounts alcohol; Australians of many different ages drink alcohol for a wide range of reasons; whether alcohol is being consumed due to a special occasion, for stress relief, or as an (not so good) anti-depressant. Alcohol, believe it or not makes a huge impact on Australians as young as 14. Statistics show that at least 90% of teenagers 14 years old and up have tried alcohol at least once, and estimates also show that around about 50% of teens 14 and older consume alcohol on a weekly basis. The problem being caused by this deadly drug is that teens under the age of 18 are not complying with the law and are consuming crazy amounts of alcohol on a regular…show more content…
- Very little. It only makes sense to keep the current age limit at 18, but other precautions can be taken to help teenagers stop drinking so excessively or not at all in order to prevent the bad long and short term side effects of drinking alcohol. In order to help guide teens into the right direction and to assist them to become less vulnerable to the dangers of alcohol, Parents need to step in and make changes in their teen’s drinking habits. Rather than increasing the age limit to 21, parents to young children can demonstrate good drinking habits to them as children tend to pick up their parent’s drinking habits at a very young age, anything from not drinking reasonably or responsibly, and getting intoxicated in front of your children and or implying to your children that drinking alcohol will ultimately relieve you from stressful times in your life, when there are other safer things to turn to that will take your mind off of a stressful situation (i.e. walking the dog, going to the beach, listening to peaceful music) is never acceptable, instead show them good drinking habits by turning to other things to relieve you from stress, and drinking responsibly or not at all in the presence of your children. Another thing that parents can do is be strict on their children when it comes to what
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