Underage Tanning Law

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Many teens today feel pressured to live up to society's standards. They believe that perfect hair, flawless makeup, designer clothes, and bronze skin is required. This is where tanning beds come into play. About 29.5 percent of teenagers use indoor tanning devices. (Health Day News). However, is the warm, golden glow going to be achievable any more? State Representatives are considering new restrictions, and changing existing laws, in regards to teen tanning. These new commands will ban teens from tanning. Are these bills acceptable? Are they needed? The Senate and Assembly of New York agreed to ban teens ages 16 years and younger from tanning beds (Precious). Lawmakers in New Jersey are adding new rules to teen tanning; no one can tan under the age of 17. (N.J. Bans Minors from Tanning Beds). Therefore, teen tanning bed use is a very controversial topic.
Have you ever felt the “false sense of security that [you] may not feel under direct sunlight” from a tanning bed (Jeffrey)? Your body relaxes, you feel serene, and you get a golden glow. Some teens strive for this feeling...and the tan. Tanning is the skin's response to injury, according to Arielle Kauvar, M. D. The exposure of UV rays over time can cause skin cancer. Skin cancer is the growth of abnormal growth of skin cells that forms in the tissue of the skin (Skin Cancer). Melanoma, the most dangerous type of skin cancer, can come from UV rays. From 1998- 2008, the number of cases of Melanoma has increased by about

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