Underdark Narrative

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go forth into the underdark!”“I know.” She said in a disputed voice; I replied in what I hoped was a happy tone. “Do you want some ice cream?” She flared up, and asked “What flavor?” “Your favorite Cookie Dough!” I relied. When I swept into the kitchen, got the ice cream I cept in the back of the fridge and grabbed two spoons. Then went back to the living room, and sat down on the couch, handed her the spoon and opened up the ice cream. We finished it of together. After we were done we both head off to bed we laid down and went to sleep. Capture 2 I woke up to a banging at the door, I got dressed quickly and ran to the door. A city official stood before me, said in a rather proud tone… “You have been selected to participate in the…show more content…
She looked on her wrist wear a watch law she then looked at all the crowd went silent and then she shouted so if you were standing next to here you would have gone deaf “You have been selected to go into the underdark and cleact artifacts once you have collected ten you are prompted to exist and become a soldier of the telisvaniln army if you refuse you will be executed now go forth into the underdark!” The crowd started to surge forward in the direction I hoped was the under dark after a bit we were there once everyone was inside a stone closed everyone in I cast a manor light incantation which a couple people also had some sort of incantation or spell that cast light I started pushing through people to get to the front after a couple seconds I got to the front along with the other people who knew it one said as I armaged “ So you were the other guy who has some level of spell casting any way as is right now only three out of the six of us now how to cast combat spells do…show more content…
I responded with more or less gees I started and the door opened after I said “the green hunter” I entered the room and it was a what had to be at least a hundred leavers and spear in the center of the room was a spear which had sun shining down it looked it had blasted through over one thousand feet of stone I muttered to myself “holy shit I didn’t realize we were that fair down” the spear was mostly blue with there bing silver wrapping around it kinda like a candy cane and with the spear head also being silver I pulled it out of the ground feeling the raw electrical energy it was huge and the weapon felt as if it head been drained of most of it’s energy and also like it was going to replenish over time I looked at the letters and said fuck this I'm going down the path of stragath I headed to the other side going through the door on the other side there was what looked to be an earth golem and as I entered the room the door slammed behind me and the golem came to life rushing toward me in a panicked movemen I ran toward it and spun the spear around to land a hit on its shoulder and unlike I had expected instead of making a dent it cut its entire arm of cutting through the steal like it was paper it stuttered back and from where the wound it had received the strict vines and branches lanced toward me if I haded ducked they would have impling me but instead they sailed by smashing into the rock crushing it after that I spun on one heel spring around slicing through it
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