Underdogs In The Book Of Daniel

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The young underdogs and their victories in the old testament is an interesting topic to think about in a theological point of view. These so-called underdogs went through many trials just as most of the characters do in the bible. What makes these characters so different is how they started out. They all started in a way that would make it hard for them to come out on top, thus hints the name underdogs. The obstacles they had in their way molded the characters. Each individual character can be seen in different ways and it is not surprising considering the way the bible presents them. Take for example Daniels. Daniels qualities are the reasons of his success.
Daniel’s experiences and prophecies for the Jewish exiles during his time in the Babylonian capital, where his service to the king gave him privileged access to the highest levels of society. His loyal service to the Lord in a land and virtues makes him unique among almost all the people of Scripture. Daniel is one of the only major figures in the Bible to produce a completely positive record of his actions.

Daniel was humble and courteous. Courtesy is one the many Daniel qualities. Daniel had indeed won the respect of the
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The book of Daniel shows him to be a faithful man of God. Daniel was a man of prayer. As stated in the book of Daniel, Daniel would pray three time a day to thank God for his love. Daniel’s commitment to God was incredible. Daniel was devoted first and foremost to God and His commandment on his lifestyle. Daniel unsurmountable faith in God can be seen throughout his journey. For instance, Daniel showed his faith in God by praying to God even though he knew that doing so would endanger his life at what time in his journey. Moreover, Daniel ‘s faithfulness to God even guided him in a lion’ den, where his enemies were sure he would be devoured. But God sent “shut the lions’ mouths” (Daniel 6:22), and Daniel was miraculously
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