Underdogs Research Paper

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Have you or a team ever been named the underdogs? A few years ago my hockey team was considered the underdogs. We were going into a tournament with only seven players including a goalie. We were playing against the St. Louis Sharks, one of the best teams in the league. They had a full roster full of healthy player and we were stuck with seven players including a goalie. Being considered as an underdog team, doesn't mean that things can't fall into place. All seven players of the team make it to the rink and head to the locker room. The coaches give us a speech on the fact we have very few plays and brought a couple of extra jerseys to bring some of the other teams players to help us out. The team hits the rink and the game fis about to start. All of the team takes their positions and one player is on the bench. As time goes by there is still no score in the first period. My team has seven players and the game is still tied at zero. "Buzzzzzzz" that's the end of the first…show more content…
They came off the bench with a fire in their a**. Even when they were playing with such strength, we still had the momentum. We were able to put one more score on the board and win the game four-zero. It was the highlight of the tournament for our team. After that game had finished, we were able to get all of our players back and go on and win the tournament. Even if you are considered as an underdog team, doesn't mean that things can't fall into place. All you need is heart, if you believe that you can do it, put your mind to it and don't let anything come in your way of reaching your goal. Not everything will be easy that you face but if it is something that you truly care about you will find a way to reach your goal. Winning that hockey game was one of the hardest things the team had to overcome that season but we bvelieved that we could it, and set our minds to it and it
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