Undergo Changes In The Community Essay

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The reason given to undergo changes in a community is because of the disorder it faces. Disorder such as violence, poverty, and poor sanitation are extremely high in these areas and city official want to decrease it. Interestingly, the demographic of these neighborhoods is highly blacks and Hispanics. In reality, this is not surprising at all, is the historical context that lead to this is analyzed closely. There are a series of events that contribute to the disorder neighborhoods/people suffer and continue to suffer from. Shortly after World War II ended, a massive amount of people moved to the suburbs. This resulted in a major transformation in the cities because it caused a shift in race and class dynamics. The majority of the people moving to the suburbs were white, because they wanted to avoid integrated schools and neighborhoods. As a result, African Americans were left confined in these neighborhoods, which slowly became neglected and the home of many working class families. Through these changes the property value fell and the communities became poorer. Consequently, school, sanitation, police, and fire protection declined. This ultimately affects how the environment in the community and there is an increase in disorder and crime . In…show more content…
There are ways to improve these communities which out changing every aspect of it through urban renewal. The poor housing, crime and sanitation are the main problems the neighborhood faces. Therefore, after the reconstruction of the buildings and streets, the price to live there should be in the price range of the previous community members. Funding should also towards education, and Civil Services to help increase the quality of life in the neighborhoods. Granted, this is easier said than done and there are numerous of other factors to consider, but it is a possibility that can have a positive
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