Underground Railroad State Marker At O ' Dell 's Mill Essay

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Site 1: Underground Railroad State Marker at O 'Dell 's Mill. The mill was the site where local the divided parties of Kentucky raiders re-assembled and were surrounded and confronted by abolitionists who convinced the raiders to go to plead their case before the court in Cassopolis. The marker summarizes local historical involvement in the Underground railroad leading up to the Civil War.

Site 2: Site not yet researched.

Site 3: Birch Lake Cemetery and Meeting House. This is the Quakers’ place of worship. A group of Quakers who were more ardent abolitionists splintered from the rest to form a new meeting group until the war ended. The church on the site was constructed in 1856 over the original log building.

Site 4: Chain Lake Baptist Church and Cemetery. A log structure was built in 1850 to hold church services for local free blacks. In 1853 the Michigan Anti-Slavery Baptist Association was formed with the Chain Lake Baptist Church as a founding chapter. In 1860 a frame building was erected. (Have not yet seen how to tie this directly to UGRR activity. Any church attendees related to the UGRR?)

Site 5: Site not yet researched.
Site 6: Site not yet researched.
Site 7: Site not yet researched.

Site 8: Ramptown is a loose collection of homes on Quaker land in Cass County. Free blacks and freedom seekers would stay and work the land while they saved money to buy their own property, or continued on to Canada.

Site 9: Bonine House. James Bonine was a
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