Underground to Canada: Ch 11-15 by: Danish Khan

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January 23, 2008 Danish KhanFirst Step WritingChapter 11 - 15 Recount: The Journey BeginsAfter hours of planning with Mr. Ross, and preparing for their great escape, Julilly, Lester, Liza and Adam finally set out on the path that they must walk to reach their long and painfully awaited freedom. Traveling north they encounter slave hunters and mean, nasty, evil spirited sheriffs, all of whom that want grab them out of their destiny and put them all back to their cages, back to the Riley plantation. Along the way, the clutches of the slave hunters capture Lester and Adam. Hoping that their fallen companions would be fine and would manage to escape somehow, Julilly and Liza continue their journey towards freedom. They meet the kind Mennonites…show more content…
The climbed up mountain after mountain and frequently checked the compass to make sure they were on the right path. They stopped briefly beside streams to drink and when the sun rose, they slept in a cave that they had reached. Dawn came, and the girls finally woke up. They ate what little food they had but were still hungry. Below the mountain was a town. They decided that they would climb down there and buy food from the white folk. This was a very risky plan, but they had no choice. They would either starve to death or be caught and sent back to the Riley Plantation. At night they climbed down and snuck into an alley. Some meters in front of the alley were a farmhouse. Julilly knocked on the door of the house and out came an old lady carrying a pistol. Politely, Julilly asked if she could buy some food. Surprised at the money in Julilly's hand the old lady shouted very loudly that she was stealing money. Then she threatened her, saying that she would shoot if Julilly didn't get off her property. They ran away from that place, but they didn't give up. Fortunately, the second house they approached was a farmhouse full of cows. The farmer saw them walk into the field. He asked them if they were slaves. Then he instructed to follow him. Bewildered the two girls did as they were told. He led them into a small village.

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