Undermines Religion In The Golden CompassBy Philip Pullman

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The Golden Compass, by Philip Pullman, has been a controversial book that has been criticized and even banned by many religious groups such as the Catholic Church and religious right groups. Pullman undermines religion in The Golden Compass through his characters’ beliefs and actions which demonstrate that the church is controlled by people who are corrupt and will do anything to maintain power including lying, kidnapping, inhumane experimentation, and even murder. The main character, Lyra, is an eleven year old orphan girl who lives at Jordan College in an alternate universe from ours. Here, people have daemons or animals always with them that represent the true nature of their humans. Children’s daemons can change shape often, but after puberty, adult daemons are fixed and represent their owners’ souls. Lyra is an innocent, tomboyish girl who constantly gets into mischief with her daemon, Pan, and her friends. She is oblivious to the good and bad going on around her until her Uncle, Lord Asriel, arrives and shows her evidence of the discovery of Dust in the far North which represents original sin. From then on, Lyra is exposed to the evil going on in her world. Children are disappearing around her. They are being kidnapped by Gobblers, and she later learns that the children are being severed from their daemons through inhumane experiments by the church to prevent them from exercising free will and sinning. She thinks of this cutting as the most horrible thing, and

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