Underrepresentation In Special Education Essay

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An alarming problem has recently been brought to light. It appears that minorities seem to be under-identified when determining if a child qualifies for special education. Concerns over minorities not be treated equally in the education system has long been a problem. The Smartbrief on June 26th 2015 titled “Are minorities under-identified for special education?” explores how minorities are not being correctly identified with a learning disability when they are present. This shocking issue needs to be addressed and changes must be made to better identify minorities with disabilities. Despite the common misconception that minorities are blindly thrown into special education, the opposite is true. Minorities who need special education are not…show more content…
How can testing account for this underrepresentation of minorities?
3. With the department of education stagnant on the issue, which governing body should take action to fix underrepresentation of minorities in special education programs?
4. Why is it that Blacks are at a rate of underrepresentation higher than any other race, and what can be done to solve this?
5. Is the belief that minorities overly represented in special education at fault for the lack of underrepresentation in special education programs, and if so, how does one go about changing that notion? Hispanic and African American children are not receiving the special education they need. The Penn State study has opened American educators eyes about the problems are system is facing regarding minorities and special education. There needs to be change. It will be interesting to see if the Department of Education will move forward with a new test to qualify students for special education, and if they will be able to devise a plan that accurately measures minority children’s need for special education. If the department of education does not move forward with a new plan, maybe the government will take action. It will be interesting to see what is done about this problem. Minority students are not receiving the education they badly need. Hopefully this new study will finally make some noise and fix underrepresentation of minorities in special
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