Underrepresented Minorities In Healthcare

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Healthcare diversities among healthcare professionals have been a challenge within the healthcare system. There are various publications that state that the underrepresented minorities have a higher chance of not graduating medical school, accruing high student loans, and ultimately were unsatisfied with their jobs (Pololi et al., 2013). This is not only disturbing, but this represents the individuals who are or will be servicing the public on a daily basis. As the population increases, racial differences increase, so to combat these disparities cultural competencies have to come into play within the health-professions workforce. For instance, although African Americans constitute to 13% of the population, in the physician workforce they only account for 4%, also women who are part of the workforce outweigh the amount of men by at least 4%, respectively (U.S. Census Bureau, 2014). Coincidentally, whites make up to 49% (both men and women) of the total U.S. MD active physicians based on the labor workforce statistics of 2013.
Addressing Physician Disparities Furthermore, to decrease this minority physician gap, more minorities need to complete their secondary-institution degree. In the study conducting by Underrepresented in Medical Minority faculty
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The human resources department is an essential aspect to any healthcare organization. In order to reduce these disparities HR departments and their organizations recruit, train and educate a more diverse workforce (Fried, & Fottler, 2011, pg. 301). These diverse workforce employees will continue to be the new norm as the population increases. One of the main objectives of the human resource department is to make their employees culturally aware and provide them with the cultural intelligence that it takes to furnish their patients with the best quality
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